IABR Organisation

The Organisation

During the 10th anniversary conference in Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna in October 2015, the IABR board of directors held a meeting to fill the vacancy of chairperson after the sudden and untimely death in January 2015 of the founding chairman, Anton Amann. The future of IABR was discussed, both in person and in subsequent email exchanges and video meetings, and an organizational structure was established to manage and steer the association.

The current (2019-2021 term) board is as follows:


Cristina Davis

Vacant (Election at IABR Breath Summit 2022)

Past Chair:
Wolfram Miekisch
Marieann Högman (until June 2022)

Previous Chairs:
Terence Risby (2015-2017)

Founding Chair:
Anton Amann†

Paul Thomas

Executive Director:
Marco Freek

Jonathan Beauchamp

Conference Chairs

Past Chair:
Frederik-Jan van Schooten (Maastricht, 2018)

Paul Thomas (Leicestershire, 2019)

Future Chair:
Fabio Di Francesco (Pisa, 2022)

Anton Amann Award

The Polish Chemical Society, Boguslaw Buszewski & Marco Freek

Laureate 2019:
Terence Risby (Baltimore, MD, USA)

Laureate 2018:
Jane Hill (Hanover, NH, USA)

Laureate 2016:
Lars E Gustafsson† (Stockholm, Sweden)
Pawel Mochalski (Dornbirn, Austria)

Laureate 2015:
Julian King (Dornbirn, Austria)

Interest groups and chairs


Jonathan Beauchamp
Wolfram Miekisch

The Human Volatilome:

Norman Ratcliffe

Oral Metabolome:


Human exposome and toxicity studies:

Michael Madden

In Vitro metabolome:

Jane Hill

Medical Diagnosis Based upon Stable Isotopes:

Anil Modak

Clinical Applications of Breath Testing:

Raed Dweik

Perioperative and Critical Care:

Lieuwe Bos

Veterinary studies and animal models:

Petra Reinhold

High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry:

Joachim Pleil


Cristina Davis

EBC and EBA:

Michael Davis

Optical Spectroscopy:

Florian Schmidt

Real-Time Spectrometry:

Oliver Gould

IABR Membership

Become a member of the International Association of Breath Research and help to support the association. Members in good-standing will be eligible for a reduced registration fee for the official IABR Breath Summit conferences.