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What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information placed by websites on to electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. These pieces of information are sent back to that website each time the user visits it. Cookies are very widely used and allow websites to function in a number of different ways, in particular to allow website owners to understand more about how people use their websites, to remember a website user’s preferences, to target adverts at users, and to permit logins. Cookies usually improve the browsing experience and make websites more efficient. They do not provide access to your electronic device.

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Our cookie policy

The IABR does not use cookies to identify people and does not keep additional personal data in cookies.

Our website uses cookies for analysing how people use our website, such as how many visitors we have had and what pages they visit. Analytics cookies will not be sent to your device unless you agree to it. When you first used the website, you were asked if you consented to the use of cookies. If you agreed, cookies were sent to your device. You are asked permission only the first time you use the website or if you remove the cookies after they were sent. If you think you agreed to the use of cookies in error then you can remove them from your device by following the instructions in the section below.

We market our own products and services on our website but we don’t advertise for other people or groups. Any cookies placed on your computer when you access our website will not be used by IABR to advertise to you. We do not use tracking cookies.

Web browser cookie settings and privacy controls

User choice and online privacy and security are important. One of the ways you can maximise all of these things is to choose to limit the way cookies interact with your device.

The majority of web browsers allow users to prevent or limit the extent to which cookies are placed on their devices. You can do this by checking your browser privacy or cookie settings and changing them to suit the level of control you want. See the links below for how to do this for each of the most popular web browsers:

You can opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics at 

There are also a number of privacy-enhancing additions for most web browsers. These are called add-ons or extensions. They can be easy to use, free, and found (for the most popular desktop or laptop web browsers) at:

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